For Christmas Eve

atonement 00:40

Christmas Good News

gospel 19:30

Systematic Theology: An Apostolic, Trinitarian, Evangelical, Pentecostal Perspective

Apostolic Church 17:11

The Holy Spirit and the Heart of Christ

Holy Spirit 06:00

Praying Advent 2 (The Bible Collect)

Advent 00:00

It's Father Christmas' Day! A Day for High Christology and Punching Heretics

Christology 17:00

Some Antidotes to the Problem of Preaching

preaching 17:30

It's not Christmas yet! (Some songs for Advent)

Advent 17:00

What’s all this about Jesus in the Old Testament? And does it really matter?

Bible 13:30

Praying Advent (The Advent Collect)

Advent 05:30

Moses, Eternal Life & the Old Testament Christians (Yes, Christians!)

Angel of the LORD 13:49

Abraham Believed in Jesus

faith 20:22

Audio from the final preaching training sessions

law and gospel 13:27

We're all either In Adam or In Christ

Adam 05:30

Take 5 minutes to read Luther on 'What to look for and Expect in the Gospels'

Bible 05:30

What is Faith? (Martin Luther's Answer)

faith 06:00

On the Word of the Lord and words from the Lord (Part 2 - Prophecy is an Objective, External Word)

Apostolic Church 18:38

John Piper asks 'What is Prophecy today?': But does he give the right answer?

Gifts of the Spirit 11:16

Irenaeus on the Gifts of the Spirit

Church Fathers 23:56

The Beautiful Trinity

Apostolic Church 19:45

On the Word of the Lord and words from the Lord (Part 1 - Prophecy is the Word of the Lord)

Apostolic Church 21:19

Forgiven - Past, Present & Future: Responding to a good question

apostasy 17:18

Preaching Sessions (Understanding the Bible & Christ in All the Scriptures)

Angel of the LORD 12:12

Glorified, Risen and Ascended (Basic Theology Session 6)

Apostolic Church 22:47

Strange Fire?: Responding to Tom Pennington's Case for Cessationism

apostleship 12:21

Strange Fire?: Some Musings on Revelation, Scripture, Cessationism and Continuationism

Apostolic Church 12:15

Jesus Our Substitute (Basic Theology Session 5)

Apostolic Church 15:25

Jesus' Baptism is the Real Baptism

doctrine 13:30

Creed or Chaos [A Repost]

Apostolic Church 20:14

More on the Trinity, plus Creation & Sin (Basic Theology Session 4)

creation 17:34

Suffer the Little Children: On Infant Baptism vs Dedication, Mark 10, and Jesus

church 20:02

The Incarnation & The Trinity (Basic Theology Sessions 2 & 3)

Apostolic Church 13:58

Theology of Preaching (Audio Sessions)

Apostolic Church 14:06

The Burden of the Lord is Jesus

Apostolic Church 06:00

Who is Jesus? (Basic Theology Session 1)

Apostolic Church 20:21

Monday's Bible Teaching at AblazeUK

AblazeUK 08:33

Sunday at AblazeUK 2013

AblazeUK 07:45

Saturday Night at AblazeUK 2013

AblazeUK 00:31

Book Giveaway: How to win the Books at AblazeUK

AblazeUK 09:24

One Forever (Reviews of the Books I'm Giving Away 6)

books 21:00

Captured by a Better Vision (Reviews of the Books I'm Giving Away 5)

books 15:05

Life in the Trinity (Review of the Books I'm Giving Away 4)

books 07:00

A New Name (Reviews of the Books I'm Giving Away 3)

books 07:00

Reflections After the Tony Anthony Incident

evangelism 17:00

The Good God (Reviews of the Books I'm Giving Away 2)

books 17:03

The Cross Centered Life (Reviews of the Books I'm Giving Away 1)

books 10:55

Book Giveaway and AblazeUK

AblazeUK 14:09

The Living Dead! (You can't do theology without them)

church 17:00

Two Necessities for Every Pastor: 2) Think Theology

ministry 20:49

Two Necessities for Every Pastor: 1) Exegesis

Bible 20:31

Who gets the attention of Whom?: Getting Faith the Wrong Way Round in the Old Testament

faith 20:14

Repeat after me: "Faith isn't a work, so I won't turn it into one!"

faith 17:30

Qualms about Incarnational Ministry

Christology 18:56

How the Early Church reacted to Church-Splitters and False Teachers

church 21:44

Sonship, Inheritance, Cruciformity and Triumphalism: Wise Counsel for Charismatics and Pentecostals from Tom Smail

God the Father 13:03

Jesus is the Sum and Substance of the Scriptures

Bible 19:25

A Sermon on Holy Scripture

Bible 19:32

Grace and Favour

grace 19:43

If that's what the Bible is, then it's not a book you're avoiding!

Bible 07:00

Bible Reading: Duty or Joy?

Bible 10:17

A Fun Video on Bad Analogies of the Trinity

doctrine 14:59

Is Conservative Enough? : Some thoughts on John Frame's "The Doctrine of the Word of God", the Trinity, & Christ

Bible 19:17

Wednesday Words: Prophecy

Apostolic Church 19:42

Even Abraham, Moses and Isaiah need Jesus

Angel of the LORD 17:08

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The Unity of the Godhead, and Trinity of the Persons therein.

The utter depravity of human nature, the necessity for repentance and regeneration and the eternal doom of the finally impenitent.

The virgin birth, sinless life, atoning death, triumphant resurrection, ascension, and abiding intercession of our Lord Jesus Christ; His second coming, and millennial reign upon earth.

Justification and Sanctification of the believer through the finished work of Christ.

The Baptism of the Holy Ghost for believers, with signs following.

The nine gifts of the Holy Ghost for the edification, exhortation and comfort of the Church, which is the body of Christ.

The Sacraments of Baptism by immersion and of the Lord's Supper.

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