Captured by a Better Vision (Reviews of the Books I'm Giving Away 5)


Some of the other books that I'm giving away are favourites of mine. (You'll even find them on the wee bookcase at the bottom of the blog.) This one is a bit different; I'm giving it away because it's a book I often end up giving to people, and I'm sure there's someone who'll benefit from reading it.

Often at conventions and things the pastors are asked to pray for people. And on different occasions like that people have asked me to pray for them about struggles with pornography. And as I've talked to people on such occasions, I've often seen two things: hopelessness and the search for a law-based solution. In fact, perhaps it would be better to put those the other way round, for I think it's the deep down realisation that a law-based solution won't work that leads to hopelessness. So I pray for people and try to point them to Christ and His grace. But that set me off on a quest to find a grace-based approach to dealing with the sin of pornography that I could recommend to people. And this book is what I found.

The title well sums up the message of the book: Captured by a Better Vision. Tim Chester has written a book that not only highlights the darkness of porn and the need for freedom, but which also points to Christ as the solution  - where being captured by a better vision of the beauty and grace of Christ leads to freedom.

It's a book which is both practical and easy to read. And much better than my attempts to explain it, here's the author himself introducing the book in a quick, 2 minute video.

A number of people have told me how greatly they've been helped by this book. So, if you want this copy, find me after the Monday evening service at Ablaze.

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