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True Church Government (It's Not Mere Administration!)

Yesterday I wrote about church government . But when I’m talking about government here, I’m using it in its proper sense. What I mean by that is that I'm using it in the sense of Tenet 9, as a vital aspect of the ministry of the Church and an expression of the Headship of Christ in the Body. Lately, a usage has been beginning to creep in that would equate government with mere administration. The way we talk about it is beginning to sound like government is a terrible burden that we need to rid ourselves of. This usage has been giving the idea of church government a bad name, so let’s stop talking that way! True church government is not an administrative bureaucracy. W.A.C. Rowe points out four elements necessary in true church government: 1. Guidance – divine government should always steer us to the Apostolic Vision of the Eternal Purpose of the Triune God in Christ. So this isn't simply a short-term guidance, or a reaction to circumstances, but something that

The Ascension and Church Government

(I wrote this post before going to May Council this week, but didn't have time to post it. So here it is now, and that explains why it's talking about something that happened during the week as if it's yet to happen.) This week is May Council, which in the Apostolic Church means a week of church government. And so apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers gather together in a room in the English countryside. Now, you could just look at it that way – a bunch of men spending a week in a room discussing and deciding things. And that bit is very true and should never be forgotten. (May Council is not some strange mystical experience.) But yet it’s also much more than that. This week I’m going to heaven. That might sound a bit overly dramatic, but it’s true. Now that’s not to say that May Council week is a week of blissful paradise – it generally isn’t. There can be ultra-late-night discussions that need decisions, boring moments, frustrations, and stresses.

D.P. Williams Tweets

Here are some tweet-sized chucks from D.P. Williams: "When we have seen the peerless Person of Christ, nothing will erase that vision nor quench our soul's desire for Him." "There is a danger to make Christ only a part of our pursuit, seeking some experience of Him, instead of Himself." 'Mi gaf yno weld fy Mhriod, Syllu ar Ei Wyneb hardd, Cofio'r Groes a chofio'r Cymod, Cofio'r ingoedd yn yr Ardd.' (And now my attempt at a rhyming translation...) There indeed I'll see my Bridegroom, Gaze upon His lovely face, Remember His Cross and His Atonement, How he suffered in my place. "Humility never sees its own beauty, because its eyes are upon Jesus, the Humble One."

How you define God defines everything else

The other day I had reason to have a quick look on the internet to find out who a celebrated preacher (of whom, of course, I had never heard) was. After a quick look through his Twitter feed, I found a video of his preaching on Youtube. So I watched it. Sometimes I wonder how the message I sometimes hear preached can differ so much from the message in which I trust. Is Christianity about success, excellence, and influence, or is it about death and resurrection? Is ministry about policy meetings with the Prime Minister or speaking the truth in love to the humblest of saints and sinners? Now, if you know me at all, I'm sure you realise that I don't write these questions as some sort of dilemma! But why do others seem to answer the questions so differently? Anyway, this message of 'Look at the high-level policy meetings I'm in; you can be successful too if you just learn to dress well, speak properly and keep your legs together' (all very loosely tied rather tenu

Some Advice For May Council From Pastor Dan

It's coming up to that time of year again - May Council time. So who better to give some pre-Council counsel than D.P. Williams. Voila: There is nothing more beautiful than the love of Christ towards God and towards man, yielded to the will of God. This is the essence of the life of the Christian religion. Counterfeits may go far. It may be that there are more counterfeits of love and humility than of any other grace. The raging of the human beast in its zeal for the defence of the Lamb of God has caused the floor of many a church council to be strewn with maimed bodies, (and maimed souls, even when the body has not suffered).... Church policy and ambition for position have given cause to mourn within the sacred precincts for many slain. (from a chapter entitled 'The Life Without Love') Pray for true love and humility, as well as wisdom and faithfulness at May Council.