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Unpacking the Regulative Principle

The Regulative Principle

Seeing as it's Boxing Day...

Study Questions: The Resurrection

The Best Books I've Read in 2008 (continued)

The Best Books I've Read (so far) in 2008

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Study Questions: The Atonement

Study Questions: More on the Incarnation

Evangelism & Sin

Two Ways to Live

Study Questions: Incarnation & Hypostatic Union

Insightful Quotation of the Week

Mark Dever Explains the Gospel in 2 mins 19 secs

Study Questions: Sin

Theologia Crucis

Breaking of Bread

What is Justification?

What is Justification? An Apostolic Answer

One to Watch: The State of the Church

The Gospel Mystery of Sanctification

Warning from History Re. Novelties

Excellent Link for Theology Students (& other interested people)

Youth and Age!

Some excellent advice for writers of worship songs

More Doctrinal Wordle!

Doctrinal Wordle!

Apostles Today & Sola Scriptura - Conclusion

Evangelism Essential Reading

Apostles are fallible, Scripture is not! (or Apostles Today and Sola Scriptura - Part 4)

Song for Students

Apostles Today & Sola Scriptura - Part 3

Apostles Today and Sola Scriptura - Part 2

Apostles today & Sola Scriptura?

What Reformation Day Really is

Pentecostals and Scripture

Read about the Reformation

Pentecostals and Sola Scriptura

Singing Christ in the Old Testament

Speaking of Seeing Christ in the Old Testament ...

Some helpful books on the Old Testament

Please Read This Book!

The Doctor agrees!

Integrating Theology and Life

Theology for Burning Hearts