Study Questions: Sin

Voila; some study questions to help you revise a bit of hamartiology (the doctrine of sin). Each week I'm going to post a set of questions covering part of one of the Tenets. This week it's the first part of the second Tenet, 'The utter depravity of human nature'.
I'm writing the questions for someone in my assembly, but hope they might be useful to other people as well. Have a read through them; see if you can answer them. They might serve to jog your memory; they might send you looking for answers.
As I said, they're study questions, so they're not designed to be too difficult. There are no trick questions here; just some good revision.

What is sin?

How did man become sinful?

What are the effects of Adam’s sin on all mankind?

What is imputation and what does it have to do with sin?

What is utter depravity?

What are the implications of utter depravity for our salvation?

What are the consequences of sin?

Explain the three types of death