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What did D.P. Williams really say about the Constitution of the Apostolic Church?

From time to time, someone will make a stark declaration about D.P. Williams' view of the church's constitution (usually to back up their own view of said constitution - which, by the way, if we're talking about today's constitution, is a completely different document altogether!). However, Pastor Dan was quite public about his view of the Constitution. So if we really want to know what he thought about it, it might be better to read what he actually said about it:

'Let it be understood that the Constitution in its application and operation is not to bring any bondage and suppression of the Holy Spirit in the Church. That would put a wrong construction on its contents. It is to enable us to intelligently find that the Church of God is to be moved along by the power of the Spirit in decency and in order. We have not received the Spirit of bondage, but of Love, of power, and of a sound mind. Liberty of the Spirit depends on our obedience to Him. And we shall prove th…