On this page I'll gather together some resources on the Christian practice of Biblical meditation.

To get you started, here's a little aid to Biblical Meditation as a PDF set up to use on a smartphone. And here are the instructions and information to go with it.

And here's some advice from great voices of the past (and one of the present) on how to meditate on God's Word. Here you'll find wise help from Martin Luther, Bernard of Clairvaux, George Müller, Thomas Watson, and Simon Chan.

Among that advice, I recommend Martin Luther's little book, A Simple Way to Pray, of which you can find a PDF version here (or here if you'd like the pages in the order for printing out and folding into a little booklet).

This post contains lots of links to resources to help you meditate on Scripture by singing it.

And are the links to the introductory series (so far) of posts I've been writing about biblical meditation:-

You can find more on meditation by clicking on the meditation tag.