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D.P. Williams on the true test of what’s from the Holy Spirit

Watch lest the under-currents will capture you. There is an under-current at work; and in its outward manifestation, it is imitating the Spirit of God. And it is trying, and often succeeding , to carry with it many of God’s children because it is such a close copy, such a good imitation of the real thing. But try the spirits, says the Word. Test them, examine them so as to see whether they agree with the Blood, with Calvary and the Atonement. That is the supreme test. I tell you, the Apostolic Church believes in the Blood, believes that the only condition and basis of the world’s restoration is Calvary’s Cross. Let us watch the under-currents. (D.P. Willliams, Penygroes Convention, 1933 – Riches of Grace ,  ix.5, May 1934, p.179)

Christ is Risen! (Happy Easter)

Alleluia. Christ is Risen. He is Risen indeed. Alleluia. Here are the full words of Luther's Easter hymn: Christ Jesus lay in death’s strong bands, For our offenses given; But now at God’s right hand He stands, And brings us life from Heaven. Wherefore let us joyful be, And sing to God right thankfully Loud songs of Alleluia! Alleluia!  No son of man could conquer death, Such mischief sin had wrought us, For innocence dwelt not on earth, And therefore death had brought us Into thralldom from of old And ever grew more strong and bold And kept us in his bondage. Alleluia!  Christ Jesus, God's own Son, came down, His people to deliver; Destroying sin He took the crown From death's pale brow forever: Stripped of power, no more it reigns; An empty form alone remains; Its sting is lost forever. Alleluia!  It was a strange and dreadful strife When life and death contended; The victory remained with life; The reign of death was ended. Holy Scripture plain

Good Friday's Already Good: Don't Be Scared!

Good Friday, as the name might possibly give away, is a very good day indeed. And that means we don't have to be embarrassed, scared, or uncomfortable about this, one of the preeminent days of the Christian calendar. Embarrassed, scared, or uncomfortable? How could that be when we celebrate Good Friday with our Facebook statuses and even the possible thought of going to church?, you ask. And I reply that, yes, even amidst the Facebook status updates and thoughts of maybe going to church, even while (to an extent) embracing Good Friday, sometimes we still show ourselves to be embarrassed, scared and uncomfortable. After all, we wouldn't dream of just possibly thinking about maybe going to church to celebrate the Resurrection on Easter Sunday (even those who only show up twice a year know how important the Resurrection is). But even more than that, what about when we actually make it to a Good Friday service, update our Facebook status in a seasonably appropriate way, or

The Almighty Power of the Crucified

The worship of demons then has ceased: creation has been sanctified by the divine blood: altars and temples of idols have been overthrown, the knowledge of God has been implanted in men’s minds, the co-essential Trinity, the uncreate divinity, one true God, Creator and Lord of all receives men’s service: virtues are cultivated, the hope of resurrection has been granted through the resurrection of Christ, the demons shudder at those men who of old were under their subjection. And the marvel, indeed, is that all this has been successfully brought about through a cross and suffering and death. Throughout all the earth the Gospel of the knowledge of God has been preached; no wars or weapons or armies being used to rout the enemy, but only a few, naked, poor, illiterate, persecuted and tormented men, who with their lives in their hands, preached Him Who was crucified in the flesh and died, and who became victors over the wise and powerful. For the almighty power of the Crucified was with