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Brilliant Book on True Discipleship

I was going to write a review of Tim Chester's The Ordinary Hero: Living the Cross and Resurrection , but instead I just want to recommend it. This book is excellent. At the same time it succeeds in being eminently readable, practical and yet also biblically and theologically rigorous. Chester's is no programmatic approach to making disciples. Rather, he shows that discipleship is for all of life (even washing the dishes!). I think I'm going to be recommending this book quite a bit.

A Faithful Minister

'He that would be a faithful minister of the gospel must deny the pride of his heart, and be emptied of ambition, and set himself wholly to seek the glory of God in his calling. And generally, he that would be a faithful servant of Christ, must set God before him as a judge, and consider that he hath to deal with God: and that he must turn his mind and senses from the world, and all things therein, to God; and seek above all things to approve his thoughts, desires affections, and all his doings unto him.' (William Perkins, A Commentary on Galatians )

Pentecostal in name, Pentecostal in experience

Last night I went down to Mattersey Hall to hear Keith Warrington (the vice-principal of Regent's Theological College & author of Pentecostal Theology ) speak on issues facing Pentecostals today. (I'm not going to write about his lecture per se , but just a few things that he mentioned that got me thinking.) Dr Warrington highlighted one particularly significant issue facing Pentecostals, particularly in the West, today: the issue of a loss of expectancy for encountering the Holy Spirit. I think quite a few people were surprised by some research he quoted (carried out by the Pew Forum) showing that out of every 5 converts in American Assemblies of God churches, only 1 is baptised in the Holy Spirit, and that (I think I'm remembering this right) 49% of people in American Pentecostal churches have never spoken in tongues. And, as Dr Warrington suggested, the UK might not be that far behind America. I think it was Margaret Poloma that he quoted as saying something along