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The Incarnation & The Trinity (Basic Theology Sessions 2 & 3)

Down in Castleford we've been looking at some basic theology. I mentioned before that we'd started off by looking at Jesus, who is the revelation of God and who is God. So in the second session we went on to look at Jesus' Incarnation . We had a look at what it means for the Word to become flesh, and saw the real and full humanity of Christ. And we saw that this is the humanity of God the Son, so we now have a man in the Trinity. Last night was session number three and we started to look at the Trinity . We looked at how Jesus in His life and ministry on earth revealed the Triune God (after all, Jesus is the Revelation of God!) and saw that the Trinity isn't a mathematical puzzle, but the very identity of our God. So far this has been my favourite session.

Theology of Preaching (Audio Sessions)

What is preaching? Why do we have a sermon every Sunday? What's actually going on when the Word is preached? Up here in Yorkshire we thought it would be good to do some training together as pastors and elders. So in the Spring we spent three evenings looking at 'What is Eldership?' and examining what the Bible had to say about that particular ministry. Not only did that training work really well, but people wanted more. So this Autumn we're spending three Monday evenings together looking at preaching. And last night we had the first two sessions. So we started off with some theology of preaching. In the first session we had a look at what it means to preach the Word. We saw that in Acts, the growth of the church is described in terms of the growth of the Word. So it's through the Word that the Church grows. If we're to preach the Word, then we need to know what the Word is . So we had a quick look through the Bible to see what the Word of God is, and wh

The Burden of the Lord is Jesus

Ian MacPherson is fondly remembered as one of the greatest preachers the Apostolic Church has ever produced. He was Principal of the Apostolic Church Bible College in the little Welsh village of Penygroes, yet his preaching had an impact around the world and far beyond the Apostolic Church.  So what did the great preacher, Pastor MacPherson, have to say about preaching? What did he think preaching really was? Perhaps the great impact of his preaching has something to do with his high theology of preaching. Here's how he defined it: For what, after all, is [Christian preaching]? In what terms does the New Testament normally and most characteristically refer to its nature and substance? It does not speak about preaching religion: it does not speak about preaching Christianity: surprisingly enough, it does not speak nearly as often as we should have expected about preaching the Gospel. About what, then, does it speak? It speaks about preaching Christ!

Who is Jesus? (Basic Theology Session 1)

One of the exciting things I've been doing lately is a 6 week series on basic theology for the Castleford assembly ( Smawthorne Community Church ). Most of the theology teaching I've done before has either been for seminary students or as training for pastors and elders, so I'm really encouraged to see a church look for some theological teaching. After all, theology isn't some specialist preserve of church leaders - if theology is turning our attention to who God is and what He has done, then it's vital for the whole of God's people. And it's great to see people of all ages, from teenagers to pensioners coming along to the sessions. (Hopefully I haven't scared them off yet!) We started off the series the first week by looking at who Jesus is, seeing that Jesus is the Revelation of God (which is why we started off by looking at Jesus!), and that Jesus is God. If you'd like to hear the talk, here it is . You'll also be able to find the talks in