Who is Jesus? (Basic Theology Session 1)

One of the exciting things I've been doing lately is a 6 week series on basic theology for the Castleford assembly (Smawthorne Community Church). Most of the theology teaching I've done before has either been for seminary students or as training for pastors and elders, so I'm really encouraged to see a church look for some theological teaching. After all, theology isn't some specialist preserve of church leaders - if theology is turning our attention to who God is and what He has done, then it's vital for the whole of God's people. And it's great to see people of all ages, from teenagers to pensioners coming along to the sessions. (Hopefully I haven't scared them off yet!)

We started off the series the first week by looking at who Jesus is, seeing that Jesus is the Revelation of God (which is why we started off by looking at Jesus!), and that Jesus is God. If you'd like to hear the talk, here it is. You'll also be able to find the talks in the series on the Audio page at the top of the blog.