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Singing the Psalms

Last time, I wrote about some resources to help us sing Scripture so we can hide it in our hearts and meditate on it. But of all the Scriptures to sing, the Psalms stand out as the Bible's own songs. And they're also the songs which the church has sung continually from the very beginning. It's our great misfortune that many Pentecostals and Evangelicals don't sing the Psalms very often today. It's also very unbiblical. After all, there's a biblical commandment to sing the Psalms in Ephesians 5:18-19 and Colossians 3:16.

Maybe the idea of singing the Psalms sounds a bit odd. But it can be done (and has been done for millennia!). So today I thought I'd point you to a few contemporary resources for singing the Psalms (in a variety of styles, as well as some more traditional ways).

1. Sons of Korah

The Australian group Sons of Korah have been singing whole Psalms for years. It's thanks to listening to their music (and singing along in the car) for years tha…

Sing it - You'll Never Forget It!

As a child, I had a record full of songs about the Ten Commandments (which, amazingly, you can actually listen to nowadays on Youtube! - Oh the wonders of the internet!). Sir Oliver was an owl who insisted that it was good to sing songs about the Commandments because, when you 'sing it, you'll never forget it!'

Now, although owls can't really sing, Sir Oliver did have a point. Last week, my third year students tried to talk me into getting them to sing the Creed in class. 'It's our last module with you, and we won't feel like we've had the full JB experience unless you make us sing,' they claimed. (In actual fact, it was a ploy to tick off the final square and get a full house on the 'Lingo Bingo JB Edition' bingo card they'd made for their intensive lecture week with me - but even the fact that they'd put it on the bingo card demonstrates how much they really expected me to make them sing.) The reason why I'm always getting my …