Hello! My name's Jonathan Black and I'm an ordained pastor and teacher in the Apostolic Church. Originally, I'm from Northern Ireland, but nowadays I pastor a church in a village in Wales. Before that I was a lecturer at a Pentecostal theological college in England, minister of the Apostolic Church in Leeds, and a lecturer at a Pentecostal seminary in Belgium. I read theology at the University of Cambridge (MA), Continental Theological Seminary/University of Wales (MTh) and the University of Chester (PhD on the Trinitarian ecclesiology of the Apostolic Church.) Hence the blog about 'Apostolic Theology'.

Oh, and I've also written a few books, including Apostolic Theology: A Trinitarian, Evangelical, Pentecostal Introduction to Christian Doctrine (Luton: Apostolic Church, 2016)

My latest book is The Lord's Supper: Our Promised Place of Intimacy and Transformation with Jesus.  (You can order it here — UK, USACanada). 

Twitter: @Jonathan_Black_

All the views expressed on this blog are mine alone.