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Every Tribe and Tongue: On the Multicultural Church and the Liturgy

It's late, sometime in the night between Sunday and Monday, as I sit typing (awake from the time difference) on the other side of the world. This morning I was sitting in a pew as the choir sang, the organ played, and the pastor preached (not all at the same time!) in a language I don't understand. And yet, despite not knowing the language, most of the time I had a decent idea of what was going on: not just the general sense that this was a church service (from the surplice of the organist and choir, the music of the organ, and the furnishing of the building, with an Alpha and Omega on either side of some Hangul on the wall and its large Presbyterian pulpit), but the specific sense of what we were doing in worship. How? The liturgy. Whether or not you speak Korean, you can recognise the elements of the liturgy and join in the worship of the church. From the responsorial readings, to the Gloria Patri, to the creed, to the pastoral prayer, to the great amen, to the sermon, to the