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The Central Message

Brilliant Book on True Discipleship

A Faithful Minister

Pentecostal in name, Pentecostal in experience

Good Reasons for Godly Change

Consultant to the Early Church

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It's Time!

In the balance: Music or the Word

Confidence in God's Word

Back from Bangor: Theological Conferences & Pentecostals

Driscoll on How to Destroy Scripture

On Sheep

Reading the Bible: Jesus vs Moralism

Preparation for Evangelism

True Spirituality & the Cross

Not an Afterthought

The Normalization of Murder

A Whitsuntide Song

Sunday's the Day

A Different Type of Service

A Service Centred on the Breaking of Bread

A Vital Day to Pray

Pentecostal = Protestant; & that's important

The Un-Noticed Culture War: Cremation

Jesus Paid It All

Propitiation is Important

On Biblical Evangelists

No preservation without it!

First Apostles

Sola Scriptura: Sunday's Sermon


Evangelism and "The Church"