Ablaze UK 2010: Tuesday Evening Part 1

On Tuesday evening Ps Emmanuel Mbakwe reminded us that 'the Cross brings us to the heart of the gospel'. In fact the Cross was prominent throughout the evening as the prophet spoke of the riches of God's grace, we sang of the wondrous cross, and an Anglican bishop spoke to us of Christ's penal substitutionary sacrifice on Calvary (more on that in the next post).

In prophetical ministry through Ps Elwyn Williams, the Lord told us that He wants us as a fellowship to focus upon what He is hearing in the nation of Britain. People are crying out for someone to tell them the way, someone to give them an answer, someone to tell them who is in charge of their life. He wants us to realise the agony in His heart when the church is not declaring that they have the answer, and that the truth in our heart is able to set our villages, towns, cities and nation free. God wants us to declare His sovereignty and He wants us to know that our God reigns. He has raised us up to sit with Him in the heavenly places so that we may reign with Him on earth. All power and authority are in God's Son and He has deposited it in His Church. The power which is at disposal at His throne is at disposal in our local church.

As King, God has riches, untold wealth that this world has never seen. These riches are not in eternity, but in us, in earthen vessels. God wants to break open these vessels - us, our assemblies, our fellowship, so that the world may see His riches. The day will come when His glory will be manifest in the glory He has given us. He wants our churches to be rivers of grace. His grace can go beyond our understanding.

He wants us to make that declaration for Him as a fellowship, that our God is sovereign and that He reigns. Nations are working against Him, but He sits and He laughs, for He is the sovereign God and His throne is established from eternity to eternity. He wants to take us and use us to reveal the riches of His grace.

The Lord also spoke through another prophet, saying that in eternity past He was God and in eternity to come He will still be God, and so He has authority, power and might to change things round. He called the Zacheauses from their hideouts to become His chosen vessels. We don't need to climb trees for He is right here with us despite what we have done or haven't done.

Namaan, despite his authority, had to come to God to deal with His shame and reproach. God wants to deal with our shame and reproach and give us a new beginning.

God said to look at the empty seats in our assemblies and districts and these shall be filled, and He will empower is to fill these seats. Like the disciples whom He told to cast their nets on the other side, God wants to make an opening for us. We should not be afraid, for the Lord our God is on our side.BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop