Ablaze UK 2010: God of the Impossible

Sunday night at Ablaze is a wee bit different from a typical Sunday night in the Leeds assembly, and I was very happy to share it with such a large Leeds contingent.

God spoke through the prophet to remind us that, although the rule and reign of man is subject to limitations, the rule and reign of God has no limit and so where impossibilities begin with man, there possibilities begin with God. God promised that He is here in power and authority to make every impossibility bow before Him. We were reminded of how God visited Israel in Egypt to rescue them and bring His promises to pass, but they were pursued by pharaoh. Yet God surprised them when He parted the Red Sea. They were in a place of impossibility for man, but at that point the possibilities of God began to be made manifest. Then God challenged us, saying that although we had come bearing many impossibilities, we should rejoice, for the sea will not drown us as He is in control.

The prophetical ministry brought such a response that there was need of a time of prayer and ministry right then in the middle of the meeting.

Later, John Avant, our American guest, spoke on Acts 10, showing how God used a Roman Centurion to open wide the door to the Gentiles. What type of man does God use in this way? John Avant answered that God uses:

1. Warriors who fight on their knees. (Acts 10:1)

Real belief in God leads to prayer. If we really believed we would need to sell tickets to our prayer meetings.

2. Leaders who pioneer movements

Cornelius had never become a proselyte. We need to be willing to lay ourselves down and pay the price.

3. Followers who hear God and Act (Acts 10:33)

Dr Avant closed with the story of a terrorist who had had his life turned around completely by the Gospel. He had gone from planning to kill Christians to becoming a full-time Christian evangelist in the Middle East.

It was the sort of sermon that's difficult to summarise in words, but just requires listening. Just as I had heard about John Avant's message this morning, a faith lifting convention message. BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop