Sunday's the Day

Tomorrow morning we're going to be singing an old chorus at the beginning of the meeting. It's old, but it's also particularly appropriate for the Lord's Day and especially for Whitsun. What is it? This is the Day.

Our songbook only has one verse to This is the Day, but we're going to resurrect the other two verses as well to get the full meaning of the song. It's not just the day that the Lord has made, but also the day that He rose again and the day that the Spirit came. In other words, it's not just any old day, it's the Lord's Day.

The first day of the week is indeed the day that the Lord has made. In fact, it is the day He made days, as well as being the day He made the heavens and the earth. But more than that, it is a day of great importance in Redemptive history. It is the day that Jesus conquered the grave and rose from the dead. And then seven weeks later, it was the same day of the week on which Jesus poured out the Holy Spirit from heaven.

So as we meet to remember Christ's death on the Lord's Day by breaking bread, we should remember as well that He rose from the dead and has poured out the Holy Spirit upon His Church. And we should give all glory to our Triune God who has not only filled the day with meaning, but who even made the very day in the first place. Sunday's the day!