Breaking of Bread

Apostolics traditionally meet each Lord's Day morning to break bread. In many assemblies we still call the Sunday morning meeting 'the Breaking of Bread', reflecting the fact that, at least originally, the sacrament was not simply one thing that was done among many others, but rather the very purpose of the meeting.

Acts 20:7 tells us that 'on the first day of the week ... the disciples came together to break bread'. The Lord's Supper was the purpose of their meeting, not just an extra slotted in between singing and sermon.

At the breaking of bread we 'proclaim the Lord's death'; we proclaim the gospel. When the sacrament is at the heart of our worship, our meeting is centred on the gospel.

So, on the morning of the Resurrection we turn our attention to the Cross. Cross and Resurrection together form the framework of our corporate worship. The Gospel is at the centre of everything.

That's the theory; do we put it into practice?