Some Advice For May Council From Pastor Dan

It's coming up to that time of year again - May Council time. So who better to give some pre-Council counsel than D.P. Williams. Voila:

There is nothing more beautiful than the love of Christ towards God and towards man, yielded to the will of God. This is the essence of the life of the Christian religion. Counterfeits may go far. It may be that there are more counterfeits of love and humility than of any other grace. The raging of the human beast in its zeal for the defence of the Lamb of God has caused the floor of many a church council to be strewn with maimed bodies, (and maimed souls, even when the body has not suffered).... Church policy and ambition for position have given cause to mourn within the sacred precincts for many slain.

(from a chapter entitled 'The Life Without Love')

Pray for true love and humility, as well as wisdom and faithfulness at May Council.