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Book Give Away!

I wrote a new book which came out last Easter just after the first lockdown started, and so, well, even I sort of forgot about it. But, I eventually got my hands on a few copies, so, I'd like to give two of them away.  The book is about the theology of the founders of the Apostolic Church, so it should hopefully be of interest to Apostolic pastors, which means one of the copies is reserved for any pastor in the Apostolic Church. The other copy is for anyone in the UK (because international postage is too expensive, sorry!). Here's the link to enter the competition. (I've never tried making a competition before, so sorry if it's not the most slick!) There are four ways to enter.  1) Subscribe to the blog by email. 2) Follow me on Twitter. 3) Tweet about the competition using via the competition page above.  4) For the pastor copy, any pastor can email me at the address in the Apostolic Church UK Staff Address Book.  You can see the full table of contents on the Google b

Book Giveaway: How to win the Books at AblazeUK

Over the last fortnight I've been introducing you to some good books that I want to give away at AblazeUK. This post is just to put all the information about how to win the books in one place. So below you'll find links to the reviews of each book, as well as when I'll be giving it away.

So, how can you win the books? All you have to do is be the first person to ask me at the time listed below for each book.

Can you win more than one book? Possibly. I'll give each book to the first person to ask me for it who hasn't yet won a book. But, if you've already won a book, and want this one too, then ask anyway, because, if no one who hasn't won yet asks, then you may still win. (I do want all the books to go to good homes!)

One more thing. If you win a book, please read it. I'm giving the books away because I want people to read them. So all I ask is that by taking one of the books, you promise to read it. And if you like, you can let me know what you think of it too.

So, here's the list of books (with links to reviews) and the times when you can win them.
(I won't be giving any books away after Tuesday morning's Bible Teaching, as I'll be speaking at that one.)
Oh, by the way, as I'm on the prayer team, on one or two evenings I might not be available to give you a book immediately at the end of the service - but just wait a wee minute and I'll be around when we're done praying with people.