The Good God (Reviews of the Books I'm Giving Away 2)

Book number two in the giveaway is The Good God by Michael Reeves. Yesterday I said that today's book was my joint-favourite book. In fact, if I had to pick just one favourite, this would be it. In many ways it's the best Christian book I've ever read. And just like we gave a copy of The Cross Centered Life to everyone in the Anderlecht assembly, last summer in Leeds we as a presbytery gave everyone a copy of The Good God. You see, it's so good I wanted everyone in church to get to read it.

Now, I could say that The Good God is a book about the Trinity (which it is), but that might give many of you the completely wrong impression about this book. In no way is it a complicated doctrinal treatise. And it's got nothing to do with mathematics or logic problems. But then again, the Trinity isn't really about complication, mathematics or logic problems - it's just unfortunate that that's where our minds often go when someone mentions it. This book is about what the doctrine of the Trinity is really all about. It's about who our God really is, and the subtitle really sums up what the book's all about: 'Enjoying Father, Son and Spirit'.

Why's it called The Good God if it's about the Trinity? Because God's goodness is the outflow of His triune nature. 'God is love because God is a Trinity' (p. vii). Reeves shows that, far from being some sort of complicated, advanced doctrine for serious theologians, the Trinity is the very centre of the Christian faith and the Christian life.

So, if you've ever thought the Trinity was something confusing and complex, read this book. If you've ever thought the Trinity was irrelevant or without practical implications, read this book. And if you want to know more of who your God is and how we can enjoy Him forever, read this book.

And you'll be glad to read it. This is an enjoyable book about enjoying the Triune God. It's short. It's easy to read. But you may well want to read it all over again; it's that good. But I'm not going to write any more about it, because I don't want you to read about The Good God; I want you to read The Good God.

I'll let you know how to win this copy closer to the start of Ablaze. But if you don't win, go get yourself a copy, read it and enjoy!