One Forever (Reviews of the Books I'm Giving Away 6)

Well, we've made it to the last of the books I'm giving away at AblazeUK. Of all the books in the giveaway, this is the one I've read for the first time most recently. In fact, I had passed it by a few times, until I read Glen Scrivener's glowing recommendation and realised what I was missing out on. For this book is fantastic! If you've ever wondered what the Bible means when it talks about being 'in Christ' or been left scratching your head when the preacher goes on about being united to Christ, then read this book and see.

Rory Shiner not only explains what it means to be united to Christ, but does so in an accessible, readable and memorable way. It's only 88 pages long and can easily be read in an evening. (I read it one Sunday afternoon while waiting for the lunch to cook.) And yet the contents aren't the sort that will evaporate after an evening. Rory Shiner explains this central doctrine of the Christian life in ways that you'll remember. What does union with Christ have to do with aeroplanes, bushfires or Belfast? Well, you'll just have to read One Forever to find out!

One Forever is straightforward and simple enough to be understood by new Christians, yet it's also a book that will be of benefit to those who have been Christians for years. It's the sort of book that can quote both Athanasius and Lana Del Ray (and all sorts of people in between). It is a simple book, and yet it's also a profound book. It teaches simply one of the most profound (and one of the most neglected) doctrines of the Christian faith so that people can see the glory and the grace of it. And that's what makes it so good.

And you can win a copy by finding me on Tuesday night, after the evening service at AblazeUK.