Audio from the final preaching training sessions

On Monday we had the final few sessions of our Area pastors and elders preaching training. I've got the audio from the two teaching sessions here. (We had a third, more practical session, as well in the middle, looking at some examples of preaching and evaluating them on the basis of what we've been learning that preaching is - proclaiming Christ biblically.)

In our first session on Monday night we were thinking about application in preaching, which took us into the realm of Law-Gospel preaching. And then in the final, short session, we had a look at some of the impact of our theology of preaching on our practice of preaching (in which we met Charles Finney and his unfortunate impact, looked at the role of the Holy Spirit, briefly touched on the Trinitarian nature of preaching, and thought about the relationship between prayer and preaching, as well as a very brief bit on Word and Sacrament.)

All six sessions can be found on the Audio page (see the tabs at the top of the blog).

By the way, here's the full sermon of the Mike Reeves clip we watched in the practical session:

Mobilise 2013 - Main Meeting 7 - Mike Reeves from Mobilise on Vimeo.

And here's the Glen Scrivener clip.

Glen Scrivener 3 from United Christian Broadcasters on Vimeo.

Someone asked me where this came from, so here's Glen's page with links to the whole series of one minute videos.

As for the examples of bad preaching we looked at, I won't do you the disservice of posting those! (And for those who weren't there, let's just say that they were from some of the most popular "preachers" in the world.)

So, just remember, preaching is "proclaiming Christ biblically", and that's what we should be asking about our preaching as we prepare - am I proclaiming Christ? And is it Biblical?

Finally, after 6 sessions about preaching, I think it would be quite helpful to have some examples of good preaching (for I really think that preachers learn as much from example as from theory) that proclaims Christ from the Scriptures. So I'll put up a post or two soon pointing you to some examples of good preaching that offers Christ.

Oh, I nearly forgot - the books I recommended this time were: