Sunday Morning at Ablaze UK

Well, it's been a long, packed Lord's Day. As well as catching up with friends from all four countries of the United Kingdom (and further afield), today, like every other Lord's Day, saw two worship services. The difference from every other Lord's Day was the gathering to worship together with brothers and sisters in Christ from all over the country and beyond.

Olivia Crolla led us in worship again this morning, and led us right to the foot of the Cross.

The Lord spoke in prophetical ministry through Ps John Yeoman of a shaking among the churches of the UK affecting all denominations and streams, giving the image of a tree shaken by the wind. In the autumn and winter as the wind blows the dead leaves fall off, but the tree isn't dead, for while the spring winds blow,new buds grow. 'There are old things falling to the ground in the Apostolic House, but there are new things budding.'

The prophecy also spoke directly to the shepherds of the flock: 'Fortify by my Spirit, for of yourselves you cannot do anything.' The Lord also spoke of refreshment for pastors' wives.

Malcolm Duncan preached again this morning, starting off with the warning that 'so often we think God has told us to do one thing and we stand waiting, and then God does something completely different.'

Malcolm preached from Luke 5:33-39. 'Jesus never broke the Sabbath - He broke their understanding of it.' here Jesus is pointing out that He is what really matters. They didn't understand who Jesus disciples were because they didn't understand who Jesus is.

'Shouting at Britain isn't going to change the morality of the nation - they need to see Jesus.' We need to speak of Jesus and tell people who He is and why He came.

'God's purposes are always more important that our preferences.' Malcolm also asked, 'Do you want the power of the Spirit? Why on earth would He give you more if you aren't using what you've already got?'

Finally, we need to have a fresh revelation of who Jesus is. And we need to view our traditions and values as less important than Jesus.

Well, it's late and this post is already long enough, so I'll post on tonight's service in the morning.