Thinking about why I blog

Last week the church's national office asked me to do a quick interview about the blog as part of a news post on their site, which got me thinking. They asked me about why I started blogging and what sort of things  people can expect to read. So I had to try to remember why I started blogging 5 years ago and try to think about what sort I things I actually write about. As they didn't use the actual interview in the end, I thought I'd post those two questions and answers here as a sort of partly thought-out explanation of this blog.

What prompted you to start this blog?

I was teaching at a Bible college at the time and doing some research on D.P. Williams and other early leaders in the Apostolic Church, and found a lot of their writing very helpful. So at the beginning I wanted to share some of their insights. I also got lots of theological questions from people in my own assembly and other assemblies, so I thought it would be helpful to write about the sort of things people often had questions about. Plus, I thought it was about time Apostolic theology engaged with the digital age. In a previous generation Apostolics were rather good at teaching through books and magazines, but our generation’s first port of call is the internet. So blogging seemed a good way to go.

What can people expect in the posts?

Good question. Definitely a variety. The type of things I post about has developed over time. Quite often that’s in response to interaction with readers. So sometimes I try and teach a bit of simple theology, sometimes I try and give a bit of theological reflection on what’s going on in the world, sometimes I give reviews of helpful resources, sometimes I dig up some wisdom from writers of a previous generation, sometimes I give links to make you think, sometimes I even blog from AblazeUK, and sometimes it’s completely random. And most of all, what I hope you can expect in the posts is lots of Jesus. Our forefathers were adamant that the ‘Apostolic Vision’ was a vision of Christ, so I hope you’ll read lots about Christ on the blog.