Meanwhile, Elsewhere

  1. Zac Hicks thinks carefully about what Spirit-filled worship really looks like and some implications for our lives and for our planning.
  2. In the week the conclave elected a new pope, John Stevens, National Director of the FIEC, has written a helpful summary about evangelicalism, Roman Catholicism and Alpha. Alpha and Catholicism: Why are so many Evangelicals naive about Roman Catholicism?
  3. On a related note, Andrew Evans is surprised by the twitter reaction of many evangelicals to Cardinal Bergoglio's election and reminds them why the new pope (probably) isn't a Christian.
  4. Moving back to the world of evangelicalism, Gavin Ortlund explains why he changed his mind about baptism. Having been baptised as a baby in the Church of Scotland and brought up in American Presbyterianism, he became a convinced credobaptist (believer in believer's baptism), and he explains how.
  5. Still on the topic of baptism, here's an older, yet provocative post from Andrew Wilson on the subject.
  6. Now to another matter entirely. Matthew Roberts writes in Evangelicals Now on gender roles, gender equality and the heart of the gospel.