Meanwhile, Elsewhere

  • What Theological Challenges are coming our way? My Top Ten by Andrew Wilson. Wilson reflects very briefly on what he expects will be the issues "coming towards us as charismatic, evangelical churches." It's not wild speculation - he's not talking about issues that'll come up way in the future, but things that are already beginning to raise their heads now. So definitely worth thinking about.
  • What About God Killing People in the Old Testament? Was God different in the Old Testament? Was He mean? Why'd that happen? And how can we think about it and talk to people about it? A short, yet powerful reflection from Dave Bish.
  • Some helpful self-assessment of the Charismatic and Pentecostal movements. Sam Storms (who is a charismatic) reflects wisely and helpfully on 10 strengths and weaknesses of the Charismatic movement. If you're a Pentecostal or charismatic, then read this!
  • But Sam Storms doesn't leave it there. He goes on and gives 10 Suggestions for the Way Forward which gets 9 1/2 very loud Amens from me!
  • Here's An Astonishing Message From A Gay Sister in Christ. No, it's not one of those revisionist attempts to redefine biblical hermeneutics; it's a plea for faithfulness to the Word of God.
  • On that note, I wasn't doing Meanwhile, Elsewhere when it came out, so I haven't linked to Sam Allberry's article, A Hundredfold here. It was later republished by the Gospel Coalition as How Can the Gospel Be Good News to Gays. If you haven't read it already, then do.
  • Finally, if you haven't seen Emma Scrivener's 4thought video yet, then have a look now! It may seem to have become the most "disliked" 4thought ever, but, as I saw someone comment somewhere on Twitter, that may well be because it's the most clear on the gospel.