AblazeUK 2014 Prophecies

One of the features of the Apostolic Church convention is the prophetical ministry. It's the one time in the year when we gather together as a national church, and so it's a time when we hear prophetical ministry that doesn't just speak to individuals or particular assemblies, but to us all together as a church. But, of course, we're not all there, and even for those of us who are, it can be hard to remember a lot of what is said. Yet, as God speaks to us prophetically as a church together, I think it's good for those who weren't able to be at convention to hear what He says, and for those of us who were to be reminded. So, as the convention prophecies haven't been easily accessible in any form in recent years, I thought I'd post them here this year. They are all already online, as there are videos of all the main convention services in the livestream archive here. But if you just want to hear the prophecy it might not be so easy to find amidst the whole video, so I've got them as MP3s here. The quality won't be perfect (and be warned, some are a lot louder than others), as they were just recorded on my phone, but, if they're of any use at all, here they are.

(Oh, by the way, if you've never been to one of our conventions and heard the prophetical ministry, or if you've always wondered about these Apostolics and their prophets, then listen to the last of these - David Williams from Tuesday night. It's less than four minutes long and it'll let you see what we mean when we talk about prophets and prophecy.)