What if we applied our treatment of the Lord’s Supper to Baptism?

Hello everyone, and welcome to this special service. We’re delighted to have you with us today for this special occasion in the lives of Mary, Joe and Sam. They just really want to show their love for God today, so we’re gonna do something a bit different this morning. As the band’s just leading us in worship they’re just gonna come up to the front and show their commitment as I baptise them. Now, maybe you’ve seen a baptism before, and you might be expecting a big pool of water, but, well, you know, it’s a bit unhygienic to use the same water for three baptisms. I know we’re showing our commitment and all that, but we don’t really want to get anyone’s germs! Haha. So I’ve got individual bottles here to use for each baptism – much more hygienic that way. And, it’s not really all that nice getting covered in water, so instead of using water – it’s only a symbol after all – we’re gonna use perfume/after-shave. So they’re each gonna come up in turn, while we just keep on singin, and I’m gonna spray them and say ‘Fantastic mate, let’s celebrate together your best life now!’

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And don't worry, our Easter morning baptisms in Leeds will be nothing like that!