Some Reading from Luther


Martin Luther is one of the great figures in the history of the church, and he's still well worth reading today.

I had promised someone that I'd give some links to some great stuff Luther wrote (which are also good places to start reading Martin Luther, or just great things to read in general), so that's what I have for you today - a few links. I'd actually hoped to have a few more, but it turns out that, apart from a few major works, it's not all that easy to find online copies of Luther. Anyway, I did manage to find what I think are the three best places to start, so here they are:

Anyway, all of these and much more can be found in Martin Luther's Basic Theological Writings (edited by Timothy F. Lull), which is the book to get if you want an introduction, not to what people have said about Luther, but to what Luther himself said.

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