Why Parliament's reaction to the General Synod matters to the rest of us

I've been trying to avoid writing about the General Synod's vote on female bishops all week. After all, I am not an Anglican. But my temptation has sprung from the fact that the reaction from Parliament could affect us non-Anglicans too. So, instead of writing about it, let me just give you confirmation from the House of Commons at the end of the week. These are the words of Sir Tony Baldry MP, the Second Church Estates Commissioner (the government spokesperson of Church of England matters in the Commons) in reply to a Parliamentary question.
May I correct a point that seems to be getting some coinage? The Church of England does not enjoy any particular exemption from sex equality legislation. Obviously, equalities legislation is entirely a matter for this House, but the legislation that applies to the Church of England applies to all faith groups in this country. If Parliament were to seek to change the legislation, it would apply to every faith group. That is clearly a matter for the House.