Meanwhile, Elsewhere (30/5)

Honour the Vanilla Men - Carl Trueman
"Lloyd-Jones put it pungently in Preaching and Preachers (page 172): '[I]f a Christian man, however able and learned and knowledgeable he may be, is not ready to sit down and listen to the man whom God has called, and appointed, and sent to perform this task, with joy and with keen anticipation, I take leave to query whether that man is a Christian at all.'"

The Top 5 Things Introverts Dread About Church - Chelsey Doring
"And has anyone considered what that is like for people who have never stepped foot in that church, or any church at all? I’ve been in church my entire life, and this entire process ties knots in my stomach. I understand the rationale behind it (we want to be a friendly, welcoming community), but isn’t this accomplished in a less forced manner before and after the service, over donuts and coffee?"

The Curious Case of the Unnamed Prophet - Michael McKinley
"What's the moral of the story? Don't judge your own spiritual health by the things that God says and does through you. It's not enough to preach good sermons, we must obey the Lord."

Ten Reasons to Reclaim the Past for the Sake of the Future - Michael Svigel
"I’d like to share with you ten reasons why every Bible-believing Christian should not merely give church history an occasional nod of respect, but embrace church history as an essential component of a wise, balanced Christian life and ministry." With an explanation of the 1st Reason.