The Doctrine of Unconditional Election in the Apostolic Church

There's a somewhat enduring myth that goes about claiming that Pentecostals are all Armininans. But it just isn't true. Now, I'm not claiming that Pentecostals are all Calvinists either (as that is very clearly not the case). But looking at the historical evidence, many people would probably be quite surprised. 

Here's an excerpt from a prophecy given by one of the key leaders in the early years of the Apostolic Church and printed in the official magazine, Riches of Grace (the doctrinal mouthpiece of the movement).

‘Chosen and predestined are some, according to mine eternal purposes, unconditionally, according to the Divine decree that has found its essence in the Eternal One… For I definitely tell you that anyone that declares that I have not the right, according to mine own will and purposes, to choose unconditionally, I say unto you that you will find that I am Sovereign, that I have the authority thus to do and have done from the beginning, and it shall be done even to the end… And in the mystery of this declaration, I forbid the right even of my creation to ask me, “Why is it so?” for it has pleased the Lord your God thus to choose, to purpose, to pre-ordain, and it shall be done according to the purposes of that which has been woven in the garment of the Eternal purposes throughout the ages, saith the Lord.’[1]
Here Jones Williams prophesies that election is unconditional (as opposed to the Arminian teaching of conditional election). And not only does he prophesy it, but a few years later, it's printed in the Riches of Grace, along with a second prophecy on the same subject, to make sure Apostolics all over the world know about this Biblical doctrine. And this is only one example of the importance attached to the doctrine of unconditional election by early Apostolics.

Now, clearly it isn't the only view on the matter accepted in the Apostolic Church, but it's clearly a view with a decent Apostolic pedigree.

That's all.

[1] ‘The Eternal Security of God’s Elect: The Word of the Lord through the Prophet W.J. Williams’, Riches of Grace, Vol. x, No. 5 (May 1935), pp.210-211 (The prophecy was given in Bradford on 9th Dec., 1933.)