Meanwhile, Elsewhere (1/5)

Was Early Church Worship Reserved and Stoic? - Zac Hicks
'So what about those arguments about "historic Christian worship?" Perhaps when we look to post-Reformational Anglican, Lutheran, or Presbyterian worship we see a more stoic model of corporate worship expression. But if we go back earlier...much earlier...we see a different picture which may surprise us. If, in our minds, we picture the early church at worship in homes and church buildings engaging in liturgy in formal, reverential postures with solemn faces and expression-less bodies, our picture is wrong.'

Twystematics - 'The whole of Christian doctrine, 140 characters at a time.'
Steve Holmes, baptist minister, senior lecturer in theology at the University of St Andrews and one of the editors of the International Journal of Systematic Theology, is attempting to tweet a systematic theology. The site hosts the loci he's completed so far, as well as some information about the project. He says: 'To read my twystematic theology as it develops, please follow @twystematics on Twitter; if you want to tweet about it, please use the hashtag #twystematics.'

Do Academic Papers Matter, Or Are They Pointless? - Owen Strachan
'In short, academic papers matter. Too often in evangelical circles we act as if the real action is in pastoring. I actually do believe that the church is at the center of God’s kingdom work, and the role of the pastor is therefore incredibly important. But does theology matter? Does scholarship count? Do academic papers do anything meaningful? Yes. Yes, they do. '