Four Things Good Apostolics Can’t do with Left-over Bread and Wine after Communion


‘After the close of the meeting when the Breaking of Bread service has been held, anything left of the emblems (bread and wine) should be destroyed, so as to avoid desecration ... (Ex. 12:10).’ The Apostolic Church: Its Principles and Practices, p.216. 
‘The Breaking of Bread ... is administered by the Presbytery to set forth the dignity and holiness which should be associated with this [sacrament] and to preserve it from any abuse ... At the conclusion of the service emblems remaining should be destroyed for the same reason.’ Introducing the Apostolic Church: A Manual of Belief, Practice and History, p.44.
1.) Can’t Reserve them for Adoration
2.) Can’t Keep them to distribute another time, at another service
3.) Can’t throw them out with the rubbish
4.) Can’t keep them to reconsecrate again at next Sunday’s communion
So eat up (or otherwise you'll have to burn them!).

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