The Last Night at Ablaze UK

Well, it's all over now until next year! Last night there was good news and there was even more good news tonight.

Ps Elwyn Williams brought powerful prophetic ministry, with the declaration from the Lord, 'Welcome home! For some years I have brought you through difficulties, but over these days I have placed you where you can stand... I have touched the mouth of the Apostolic Church this week ... and today I release your mouths to speak. Speak to tear down the things that need to be torn down. Speak to uproot problems ... And my Word will cause things to take root and they will begin to grow again.'

'I am going to do something special and bring a prophetic anointing on you. Open your mouths right now as this prophetic unction comes over you. It will be an unction that causes you to speak life into dead situations.'

'I want you to speak and advance in the Spirit. Speak and prophesy into your church. Speak into absolutely dead situations and as you do you will see the Word of the Lord raising things to life.'

The prophecy went on to directly address the youth, that they are to be part of this, and then ended, 'Advance in the power of the Spirit for I have opened your mouth.'

Later another prophet was tonight's preacher, Ps David Williams (Inverness assembly). David preached from Luke 3-4 on the necessity of the power of the Holy Spirit. He highlighted the progression from the Holy Spirit being 'on' Jesus in Luke 3:22, to the Holy Spirit being in Jesus ('filled') in Luke 4:1 to the power of the Holy Spirit at work through him in Luke 4:14.

But how did Jesus get from Luke 4:1 to Luke 4:14? Via the Wilderness Temptations.

We can learn from Jesus response to the wilderness temptations (following the order in Matthew's Gospel).

1) Confidence in God's Word

('Man shall not live by bread alone...')

When the Word comes, the Spirit works. The Word of God and the working of the Spirit are twin ministries. It's not my Words, nor the Words of the Apostolic Church, but the Words of God Himself that make the difference

2) Compliance with God's Ways

('Do not put the Lord your God to the test.')

The Holy Spirit doesn't fall on my ways, on what I think is a good idea. The Holy Spirit doesn't fall on the church's ways. The Holy Spirit falls on God's ways. We need to be continually open and receptive to God's ways for that is where the power of the Holy Spirit falls.

3) Concern for the Glory of God.

('You shall worship the Lord your God and Him only shall you serve.')

Throughout His ministry Jesus was continually pointing people to the glory of God.

And not only did we hear God's Word proclaimed tonight in great power in both prophecy and preaching, but we also saw God move powerfully through and in response to His Word.

P.S. Next year's theme is 'Total Recovery'.