On the Sunday After Convention

Okay, so Ablaze is over, and we're all back in our own assemblies. Perhaps there'll only be a few of you wherever you are in church tomorrow morning. Perhaps the music won't be so accomplished or well led. Perhaps the preaching won't be so exciting. Perhaps there isn't the same anticipation of God speaking through prophecy. (Or perhaps there is to all those things.)

But, no matter what, Christ is just as powerfully, and (even more importantly) graciously present among you in your small assembly when you gather to the ordinary means of Word and Sacrament.

So, don't go to church expecting an anti-climax after the excitement of convention. Go expecting to encounter Christ in His Word. Go expecting to feed on Christ at His Table. And go rejoicing that where Christ crucified is lifted up, God is present in His glory and His grace.

It's not the big crowd or the big speakers that bring the glory of God. Only Jesus does. So look to Him this Lord's Day.