The Work of the Ministry


D.P. Williams comments on the work of the ministry:
it is the work of the Ministry to enlighten every mind and win every will by grace and truth to come under the one will of the Head, even Christ. The Members of the Body can only be Perfected or grow to the full stature by the – Ministry of Truth
So, it is the ministry of Truth that is the essential work of the ministry. Thus, as it is God's Word that is Truth, it is the ministry of the Word that is the heart of the work of the ministry. It is only by the Word of God that the saints will be perfected. It is only through ministering the Word of God that the minister can faithfully lead the saints on toward maturity. Growth is good, but it is only through the ministry of the Word that true growth can be brought about.

You can read the rest of the article from which this quote comes here.

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