What's the purpose of corporate worship? (Suggestions in Comments, please!)

I've been doing a bit of writing this week on corporate worship (the thing Christians do together on Sundays).  So anyway, I got to a point where I was writing about the purpose of corporate worship, and wanted a nice brief definition to sum it up. Yet, to my surprise, I couldn't find any nice short to the point (sound) definitions of the purpose of a worship service. Perhaps I've just been looking in all the wrong books. I can find book or chapter length expanations, but no nice summary definitions. So in the end I had to come up with my own:
The purpose of corporate worship is that God be glorified both in His action by His Spirit through the means of grace and in our thankful response.
Okay, I anticipate a few strange looks! (Perhaps I should anticipate a few gasps from those who don't think it sounds very pentecostal, but I'm trying to be optimistic.) By 'means of grace' I mean Word and Sacrament, and by 'Word' I mean the reading and preaching of Scripture as well as the prophetic word. (So, see, it is pentecostal!).

Anyway, any opinions on aforestated definition? I'm open to all queries and criticism in an effort to refine and improve my thought. Leave me some comments with your thoughts!