Books on the Tenets 1: The Trinity

I thought it might be useful, now and again, to post on some book recommendations on the Tenets. So today we start off with some books on the first Tenet: 'The unity of the Godhead and the Trinity of persons therein'.

  • Bruce Ware, Father, Son and Holy Spirit: Relationships, Roles & Relevance (Wheaton: Crossway, 2005) 173 pages.
This book is short and easy to read, and yet still written by a great theologian.  Bruce Ware manages to write a book on the Trinity that should make sense to ordinary christians, and show them the
   importance of this central doctrine.
  • John M. Frame, The Doctrine of God (Phillipsburg: Presbyterian & Reformed, 2002) 864 pages.
This is a big fat book that thoroughly treats the doctrine of God. Wayne Grudem says that it is 'a magnificent treatment that will be a standard work for decades.'  Despite it's size, it is quite easy to read. Firmly rooted in Scripture.

  • Robert Letham, The Holy Trinity: In Scripture, History, Theology and Worship (Phillipsburg: Presbyterian & Reformed, 2004) 551 pages.
Does exactly what it says on the tin! Looks at the Trinity in
Scripture, history, theology and worship.  This book is somewhat advanced in that it interacts with the major trinitarian theologians throughout history; yet Gerald Bray points out that readers 'will rejoice in [Letham's] clear presentation of the issues involved.'  J.I. Packer says that it's 'far and away the best big textbook on the Trinity'.

  • John Owen, Communion with the Triune God (Wheaton: Crossway, 2007)
Last, but not least, a puritan masterpiece.  Although originally written in 1657, this edition from Crossway has some helps for the modern reader.  Practical theology!