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I've just come across a very interesting blog on 'Electronic Resources for Biblical Studies'. Now, I'm not really very tech-savvy, but some of these electronic resources look too good to miss out on. There is actually a free piece of software which will add bibliographic entries and footnotes automatically from your catalogue (or even from Amazon!) in the style of your chosen stylesheet (for those of you at CTS, that means Turabian; just imagine saving all that time you spend on the dreaded Turabian formatting of footnotes before handing in essays!).

There is also some free software that allows you to search documents that you have scanned in to the computer. So if you've read 32 different articles on a similar topic, and then whilst you're in the middle of writing suddenly remember something very useful from one of said 32 articles, but no longer remember which one, you can type in a search term and voila - the requisite reference! (Providing, of course you had the foresight to scan said 32 articles.)
Anyway, untechnical as I am, I am unable to describe the wonders of such technology, so you should read about it from someone who actually knows what he is talking about. He's certainly made me think that there might be some useful research potential in technology after all, and I'm already thinking of some possible applications of some of this software.
Have a look, even if it's just to make sure you get your Turabian right in the future!

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