Great article on D.P. Williams, W.J. Williams, the Apostolic Church & the prophetical ministry

Andrew Yeoman has written a great article on the Williams brothers and the early days of the Apostolic Church. Here's just a little excerpt from his conclusions:
In as much as God visited young men in a powerful revival to restore truth and pioneer it aboard, He can take up vessels today and do the same, if not more! However, my feeling is that the popular claims today in Christian media, of a ‘new wave of Apostolic reformation’ would do well to be checked against a proper investigation of history, and a learning of what God revealed in that visitation from 1904 onward, and other similar moves. From that, perhaps we should again with prayerful hearts search the Word. That way, we can learn from past mistakes and successes, and remain on course for an equally deep and anointed manifestation of it today. Today, I don’t want to experience the seemingly shallower versions, when Scripture and history set a higher and deeper standard! And more importantly, I don’t want some of the obvious dangers of much of today’s ‘prophetic’ talk, without the plumb-line of Jesus and that which He formed in the early church, and that which He poured out through humble, pure servants of God who served in times of revival.

Yeoman paints a picture of W.J. Williams' prophetic ministry that will encourage a longing to see such prophecy again among God's people. I think another excerpt is in order:
DP’s preaching and teaching would be Scripturally based, foundational, expositional, Gospel centered and revelatory; whereas his prophetic brother, would compliment this ministry with the prophetic word. PLEASE – when I say ‘the prophetic word’ try not to link that with any particular thing you may have witnessed or heard about in recent times. It was noted by onlookers, that the depth of prophecy coming from this uneducated yet devoted young man was extraordinary and deeply searching in way people had never witnessed before. He prophesied in such a way that it would bring the revelation of Jesus and the fear of God to those who were not right with Him. It would bring the light of revelation to hungry hearts, and it would reveal the wisdom and intent of God to bear upon the people, as a ‘now word’ for their situation. The prophecy through this man was more than the gift, rather he  (the man) was seen as the gift itself, carrying a ministry deeply impacting to all who heard.
The whole thing is well worth reading.