Meanwhile, Elsewhere (14/3/2012)

20 Tips on How to Use Bible Commentaries - David Murray
Biblical Commentaries are rather useful books, but how should you use them. David Murray gives some very good advice.
Preparing for Easter - Tim Challies
'Easter is fast approaching. As Christians begin to turn their gaze towards the death and resurrection of the Savior, it seems appropriate that we should look for resources that will help us meditate on the cross and that will help prepare our hearts. To that end I’d like to suggest five books (plus a few more resources at the end) that you may wish to read as Easter approaches.' [And the books he recommends are excellent.]
Three Misnomers to Avoid - Chris Castaldo
A former Roman Catholic, who wants to reach out to Catholics with the Gospel, points out some mistaken ideas that Protestants have about the Catholic Mass. 'If effectiveness in gospel renewal is related to upholding truth and avoiding straw men, these lessons should be noted... Fruitful gospel conversations require us to get the facts straight.'
The Bible Made Impossible or the Church Made Implausible? A Review of Journeys of Faith - Carl Trueman
Carl Trueman (who is always worth reading) reviews a book (to which Christ Castaldo, above, is one of the contributors) looking at the reasons for converting to and from evangelicalism (to Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy and Anglicanism). 'In conclusion, this is an excellent volume. I trust my pushback against Ellsworth, Beckwith and Gregory will be read in the spirit in which it is intended, not as a spiteful attack but as a respectful, if spirited, response to their sincere and spirited criticisms of evangelicalism. I know they love their ecclesiastical homes as I love mine. Indeed, this book has helped me to love mine more while understanding in a deeper way why others think the way they do.'