Some Daily Encouragement in Prayer: Our New Prayer Podcast

To help and encourage you in prayer, we're broadcasting Morning and Evening Prayer each day (Monday-Saturday) at the Pentecostal Prayerbook.

Each podcast will last 15 minutes or a bit less and includes a chapter from the Old Testament, a chapter from the New Testament, and a Psalm, as well as prayers of confession, of praise, of faith (the Apostle's Creed), and some prayers for the day. (At the minute, it's just me on the podcasts, but I'm hoping I'll be able to get some other people involved to pray along with me as well as we go on.) 

To find out a bit more about Morning and Evening Prayer and why they're a helpful way to pray, have a look at this post.

We'll also be posting a short podcast each lunchtime to help you to meditate upon a Scripture. Especially in this time of lockdown, many people are finding it hard to concentrate, so this will be a simple podcast just to help focus on the Scripture and meditate on it in the presence of the Lord.

  • Scripture Meditation (available from 12 noon UK time)
On Sundays, things will look a bit different. There'll still be a new Scripture Meditation each day, but in the morning, instead of Morning Prayer, we'll have a short podcast for Preparation for Communion and at night Compline. The Preparation for Communion will be different each week, so tune in to find out more about that. (Even though most of us can't receive Communion at the moment, it's still good to be looking forward to that day when we'll be able to come together again at the Lord's Table, and to take this time to give thanks and prepare ourselves.) The Preparation for Communion podcasts will start next week, and Compline will begin tonight.

  • Preparation for Communion (available on Sundays from 7am UK time)
  • Compline (available on Sundays from 10pm UK time): words to pray along here
As Compline doesn't change from day to day, you can use the Sunday night podcasts through the week if you'd like to pray Compline before you go to bed. (It'll sometimes be sung and sometimes be spoken, but we'll make it clear in the description so you can find whichever is most helpful for you to use to pray along with.)

All of these broadcasts (as well as some other encouragements in prayer) will be available through AnchorFM at the Pentecostal Prayerbook. You can also find them on Spotify and wherever else you might find podcasts. (Links to those will appear automatically on the AnchorFM page as they become available.)