The Trinity for Life

This coming Lord's Day will be Trinity Sunday, but the Christian faith isn't just about the Trinity once a year. You see, the Trinity isn't some complicated mathematical problem to touch on once in a blue moon, and then ignore for the foreseeable future. Nor is the Trinity simply a point on a list of doctrines to agree with in order to be 'sound'. No, the Trinity is Christianity. The Christian faith is the Trinitarian faith, and the Christian life is life in the Trinity. All of Christian life and faith is to the Father, through the Son, by the Spirit.

So anyway, as it's coming up to Trinity Sunday (and hence the blog is getting tons of visitors searching for things to do with the Trinity), I thought I'd give you a few Trinity sermons, a couple links some older posts on the Trinity, some links to more substantial post by other bloggers, and finally a few book recommendations on the Trinity.

Firstly, here are two rather recent sermons on life in the Trinity. They aren't doctrinal lectures on the Trinity, but rather they're about how the Christian life is a life lived in loving fellowship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Secondly, if the Christian faith is the Trinitarian faith, well then the Bible is a Trinitarian book. And not just part of the Bible - the Old Testament is Trinitarian too! So here's a sermon on Moses meeting Jesus (in Exodus, not at the Transfiguration!).

Thirdly then, here are some older posts about the Trinity:
Fourthly, here are some more substantial thoughts from other writers to point your minds to the glory of the Triune God:
Finally, here are too excellent books to read (yay!):
  • Michael Reeves, The Good God (Delightful and easy to read, and so good we gave a copy to everyone in church)
  • Donald Fairbairn, Life in the Trinity (review)