Translate 321: Can you help translate a great gospel presentation?

Hello! By now you may well have seen the wonderful gospel presentation that is 321, written by the wonderful Glen Scrivener. So, today I want to point out a gospel opportunity to all my friends and readers whose mother tongue is something other than English. What is this opportunity, you ask? Well, the opportunity to have such a gospel presentation in your own language. How? By doing a bit of translation. On the 321 site they've made a version of the video available without the English narration, along with a transcript of the text. What they're looking for is for people to translate it into their own language, record the translation over the film, and upload it in the new language. Simple as that. 

Now, having done a lot of translation in my Belgian days, I know it takes a bit of time and effort. But at the end, you'd have a wonderful video presentation of the gospel to share in your own language. Who says everything has to be in English?

So, seeing as I have friends who, off the top of my head, are native speakers of Welsh, French, Dutch, German, Finnish, Italian, Yoruba, Igbo, Korean and Icelandic, and as there are readers of this blog from an even greater variety of countries, I thought I'd pass on the possibility of helping out with some gospel translation.

P.S. You can watch 321 at the top right hand corner of the blog.