Another Song for the Lord's Supper

As a postscript to last week's post on songs for communion, here's one more.

Zac Hicks has taken a communion hymn written by Joseph Hart in the 1750s and transformed it into a contemporary worship song on his new album, Without Our Aid. It's a great album, the aim of which
'is to combine the energy and vitality of the modern worship sound (made most popular by groups like Passion and Hillsong), with the depth, theology, and historical connectedness of Christian hymnody across time.'
Lord I Believe is a communion hymn that includes both our feeding on Christ and the meaning of the Cross. Here are the last two verses:

I eat the bread and drink the wine,
But, O, my soul wants more than sign!
I faint unless I feed on Thee,
And drink the blood as shed for me.

For sinners, Lord, Thou cam’st to bleed,
And I’m a sinner vile, indeed.
Lord, I believe Thy grace is free.
O magnify that grace in me.

The MP3 is available for free from Justin Taylor's site, and you can get the lead sheet and chord chart from Zac Hicks' site. Check out the rest of the album too on Bandcamp.