The Church's Life

We are very mistaken if we think of church life as being evidenced by activity or noise. It is much deeper in essence and can only be understood as we learn something of Christ's life, which should not only be considered as corresponding terms, that is Christ life - Church life, but should be manifest as a parallel experience.
The Life of the Church is Christ, life that is imparted to the members of His Body, the Church.
Melvin J. Seaborne, Aspects of Biblical Ecclesiology (Penygroes: A.C.T.S., 1991), 11

Let us be open to an infusion of His life and rid ourselves of the notion that life is merely activity, or that a church is alive when it is noisy. Or even that it is a good church when it is well organised. If it is not organised in God and His purpose it is but a mere structure. Organisation, though necessary, is not enough in itself.
ibid. 20