7 Big Things from D.P. Williams (for his birthday!)

Today is D.P. Williams' 139th birthday. So, in order to celebrate, I've put together a wee video of 7 things he'd keep on talking to us about all the time if he were still around today. 

D.P. Williams (or "Pastor Dan") was the first apostle to be called in the Apostolic Church and one of the most significant early leaders of British Pentecostalism. He preached all over the world, wrote books, articles, and hymns, and led both the Missionary Council and General Council of the Apostolic Church. Both inside and outside the Apostolic Church he was recognised as a godly man. Even Donald Gee described him as "a Christian of sweet and gracious personality, and no mean ability in spiritual ministry" and George Jeffreys called him "a great leader" by whose death "a great loss has been sustained by the Church of God in the world."

Ps W.H. Lewis said that Pastor Dan "laboured for the vision, and if any man was dominated, and mastered, by the heavenly vision in modern times, it was Pastor Dan ... Whatever he was, we must attribute all to the wondrous love, grace, and elective call of God in His life."

Ps J. Omri Jones said that D.P. Williams "did his very utmost to establish the saints in the doctrine of the gospel ... His whole object was to bring the saints to the image of their Lord."

So, here, in 7 minutes I try to sum up 7 truths that Pastor Dan would keep pointing us all to, which are still just as vital for us all today.